J. R. Eyerman - 3-D Movie Viewers During Opening Night of Bwana Devil (1952)


J. R. Eyerman - 3-D Movie Viewers During Opening Night of Bwana Devil (1952)

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Orticanoodles  is the pseudonym for two Italian artists, a very active and tight-knit duo, composed of Wally and Alita. 

The image of the “brand” Orticanoodles has made its appearance in the streets of main European cities.  Since roads are the largest open-air museums in the world, where you have free access and the artworks are judged for their aesthetic impact and communicative power, their creations are based on a code “POP” focused on the use of the stencil technique as a new form of Graffiti Art.

The most recent works, the new concept ”Stencil on Stencil”, are a collection of portraits of famous leaders, celebrities and provocative artists, combined with intricate matrices of finely cut stencil which contain a written message.
The concept is to cancel the physical work, the pictures are above the words, thus creating a mutual relationship between the subject and his message.


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People I Know, a photo series by Jon Jacobsen

The self-taught photographer uses costumes, props, and visual effects to produce surreal portraits of his friends and the people he admires. Each image represents the subject based on how the photographer views them.

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Replaceface by Steve Payne

Portraits of modern day celebrities as paintings of 19th-century Russian generals.

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Douglas Gordon - 24-hour Psycho (1993)

"The work consists entirely of an appropriation of Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 Psycho slowed down to approximately two frames a second, rather than the usual 24. As a result it lasts for exactly 24 hours, rather than the original 109 minutes. 

The film was an important work in Gordon’s early career, and is said to introduce themes common to his work, such as recognition and repetition, time and memory, complicity and duplicity, authorship and authenticity, darkness and light.”

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